Inner Awakening 2017

Mandatory Forms

Forms you need to fill:

InnerAwakeningSM 2017 registration form

Required Documents to bring with you (Aadhar or PAN Card (if Indian Resident), Passport, OCI, Visa) (mandatory for each registrant including the kids in your family)

o Please bring your PAN Card if you are an Indian national.  We require a copy of it.

o If PAN card is not available, please bring your Aadhaar Card (applicable only to Indian Nationals)

o Any Government Issued Id card is sufficient for kids

o For Foreign nationals (outside of India), please have your passport with you during registration

o For Foreign nationals (outside of India), please have your current valid Visa with you during registration.

o We are now required to have a copy of the immigration stamp that you receive upon arrival stamped in your passport in India customs (Outside of India).   We will take a copy of this during registration.

Roommate request & Travel Itinerary request form (mandatory)

o Roommate requests (if you want to stay with your family/kids/friends)

o Let us know when you arrive (so we can be ready with your registration papers)

o And whether you need taxi pickup from the airport