Blissful Relationships

Bridging the Gap


“The way we view others is a projection of our own worldview”
Many times, our relationships suffer because there is a gap between how we perceive others, and the reality of who they truly are. Reality does not coincide with what we perceive, which leads to conflict. This is what Swamiji refers to as a rift between “My world” and “The world.” Learning how to close this gap is the focus of the relationships dimension of this program. In Inner Awakening, Swamiji addresses the most complex issues surrounding how we relate to one another. In actuality, our actions are driven by the perceptions we hold in life. When these views change, naturally our reactions and responses to the world and those around us will also transform.

Relating to the divinity within

relationship-relate-to-divinity-within“We are all waves in the ocean of existence.”
Whether the wave is rising or falling, it is still one with the ocean. When this truth is realized on the being level, we can simply let go of the limitations brought on by our fears, pains, self-doubt, and past traumas. We understand the same energy that fills us with life, desires for each of us to be free from the clutches that prevent us from succeeding in our endeavors.

The main thing is that I came to find a connection with God. It seems to me that everyone here is aiming for a more crystal clear connection with the God energy, and that’s great to me
My relationships have improved since IA. My mother- in-law has come to visit on a one way ticket and I’m undisturbed and we’re getting along rather well. Earlier this would have been a catastrophic disturbance”