How will IA enrich my life?

Rare living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, “Suspecting that you may be having something more than what u are made to believe or what you express in your day to day life, is the first step for any growth or any higher conscious experience…”

Taking us further from this, the Inner Awakening program allows us to transcend all our beliefs, and, experience new dimensions of our being never known to us before. The Awakening of the Kundalini energy by the power of initiation by a rare living incarnation in just 21 days gives us access to live life at a whole new realm altogether.

While awakening the Kundalini energy by the power of initiation makes us take the leap from consciousness to super consciousness, the benefits or by products of it is as infinite as its potential!


When the kundalini energy gets awakened, apart from experiencing a 1300 % increase in our mitochondria cell energy levels, the energy brings about a deep healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels. The root cause of our health discomforts or illnesses always lies deep within us. When Kundalini energy is awakened by Swamiji through the power of initiation, this powerful healing energy heals us at the very root of the illness, be it a minor disease or a chronic suffering and builds in tremendous immunity in our system. Thus in 21 days a whole new health consciousness is instilled in us.


Being social by our very nature, we all want to relate with people effectively. Yet again, we see many times that something stops us from experiencing the fulfillment in all our relationships. Along with the insightful sessions with Swamiji, the Kundalini energy He awakens in us works on us at subtle levels disappearing the invisible blocks and deep rooted mental patterns – the blind spots that lie within us acting as barriers to effectively relating with people. We are left expressing our natural self-expression with ease and grace, radiating pure love and compassion while relating to ourselves and others.


An extraordinary experience that the Kundalini awakening leaves us with is a deep relaxed space within, full of awareness, life and enthusiasm. The result of this inner space would be sharp intelligent decision making, intuition, extreme creativity, creating wealth, emotional balance. We then break free from our inhibitions or the limited ways of operating with life and emerge an unstoppable leader in any situation of life.


Swamiji says, “Wealth is not something to be accumulated. It is the very extension of you! Expressing intense enthusiasm in anything that you do is wealth.” In other words, high enthusiasm has to result in creation and expansion. In the Inner Awakening program, our unconscious mental-set-up, ideas and behavioral patterns that are obstructing the flow of enthusiasm and creativity in our life are cleared. This leaves us with the experience of intense enthusiasm and wealth becomes a byproduct. Then, naturally, we are left with a relaxed and a creative attitude about anything related to wealth.

In other words, Kundalini awakening brings about a beautiful coherence of creativity, enthusiasm and high energy within us, by which material wealth flows


‘Living a conflict-free life is living enlightenment’
Awakening the Kundalini energy within us through the power of initiation by a living incarnation works towards literally erasing the very root of the conflicts or limitations that we experience in our day to day life and leaving us with a heightened awareness and an expansive state of existence every moment of our life. Naturally, we will see flowering of immense clarity, intelligence and continuous expansion in all dimensions of our life. We then experience being conflict-free in all aspects of life such as health, wealth, relationships and excellence.