I applied for a personal loan after submitting the intention form. Within 2 days, I got the money without any problem.

Swami blessed me with receiving a boon for exactly $6000 and a week of unexpected work, so it is a sign for me to show up for the next IA. In addition my husband also came along and paid for my airfare. And a friend of mine gave me three saris and some Indian clothes so I was set.

An amount of money unexpectedly arrived. I found a job just after the blessings after being unemployed for one year. –S. S., FRANCE
It has been a miracle. With two weeks left before the start of the program, I still had to arrange 1.5 lakh. I almost gave up when the loan I had applied for got rejected. Almost the same day, while discussing my situation to attend, I prayed to Swamiji and could immediately feel a strong energy flowing from Swamiji at my Ananda Gandha. In less than 2 weeks, my mother gave me some jewellery to raise money. A relative helped me with 60K. And the day before the program, my work approved the remaining amount.

I applied for loan to participate in the Inner Awakening program. It was rejected by bank. I then submitted the intention form requesting Swamiji’s Blessings. After I received Swamiji’s blessings, I applied for loan through another source for the 2nd time. What a surprise. Within 3 days, I got result. My loan was approved. Thanks to Swamiji for inviting me for this wonderful program.

Our house which had been on sale for one year got sold the day after the intention form was submitted and I could get the exact amount for the program. Unbelievable!

I was terminally ill one year ago -liver failure. After several months of turmoil, I prayed to swamiji and submitted the intention form, told that I could not do it without his help and that staying healthy was difficult enough. In an incident that happened afterwards, I got settlement with insurance company; all funds became available for IA, flight, to pay bills before leaving and got a good cheap replacement car. Everything fell into place in spite of my worry pattern, in spite of me. I am so grateful to swamiji and to myself for trusting my experience and not dropping him over the last 3-4 years.

I am not currenly working and was having difficulty with finances. I submitted the intention form and after I received Swamiji’s blessings, a friend of mine who had money in Indian bank offered it to me. Attending Inner Awakening is the best decision of my life. I am sure, after the program, with a transformed consciousness, I would easily be able to pay back my friend.

My ex wife lend me some money. After Swamiji’s blessings, she got the money surprisingly from tax reduction.

After Swamiji’s blessings, a bank statement showed double the money I thought I had put there. I found packets of cash in my cupboard I had completely forgotten about.

At one point, I made the decision to prepare as if I am going to attend IA even though I was not sure of money as there was also a hangover of layoffs at my job. Applied for visa, looked at flight to India and called the bank. The bank extended my credits and I was able to pay for the program without affecting my daily funds. Plus, swami came in my dream which offered much clarity on the confusion I was creating in my mind.

After webninar 22/02/2012, this miracle happened that everything is all right. I could manage mind, money, time, ticket booking. This is all due to divine blessing by swamiji. Everything happened smoothly.

After Swamiji’s blessings, my parents supported me with money. They paid nearly half although they first told me that they can’t support my finances. – LISA, GERMANY


With Swamiji’s blessings, I overcame the obstacles and working step by step to gather money. My boyfriend found money in his bank a/c last minute out of nowhere. He passed for my trip.