Neurological Changes through QEEG studies

A series of QEEG studies were conducted on participants who had Kundalini awakening to study the effects of Kundalini Awakening on electrical activity in the brain. The same studies were also conducted on a controlled group.

These included:

  1. Short term effects observed at the moment of initiation by Paramahamsa Nithyananda
  2. Long term effects measured through post-activation assessment of various mental and cognitive functions


At the moment of initiation, certain instantaneous changes were recorded in all participants who had active Kundalini awakening, including:

  1. Sharper focusing abilities
  2. Higher alertness levels
  3. Extremely rapid multi-processing
  4. Better short-term memory

Significantly, the brain waves of subjects during the activation showed a high incidence of delta waves, indicating that they were in a state of deep relaxation comparable to sleep, but with High Awareness. In Vedic science, this state of intense restful awareness is known as Sthitha Prajna (Established in Higher Consciousness).
Post-activation assessment conclusively showed:

  1. Higher problem-solving abilities
  2. More effective decision-making
  3. Enhanced interpersonal relations
  4. Warm and positive personality trends