Sattvic Food

Ideal Diet for Nourishing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

sattvic dietAt Inner Awakening you will be served pure, fresh, and nourishing sattvic food. A sattvic diet incorporates foods that assist the body in by infusing the energy and vitality necessary for maintaining optimum physical health, mental clarity, and most importantly is the most ideal diet for supporting spiritual practices.

The food we eat has a direct effect on the quality of life we live. Certain foods are heavy on the body leaving us tired and lethargic, while others over stimulate the system making us restless and agitated. Consuming sattvic food for 21 days will rid the body of harmful toxins, regulate the digestive system, and cleanse the palette. When the palette is cleansed, the flavor of food is enjoyed more, which naturally leads to a vast decrease in cravings of unhealthy food and the habit of overeating.

Every morning starts with a warm cup of Neem juice, which cleanses and heals the entire body. Neem also completely revitalizes your system, providing you with ample energy for the day ahead. You will also have aryuvedic toasted sesame balls. These are not only yummy; they do wonders for digestive health.

Also, Spiritual healers prepare the meals, which are full of flavor, and infused with loving energy.

Sattvic food makes you feel so clean and fresh inside. There is a lot of care is put into the diet in the ashram
I am not a vegetarian, nor had I ever tasted Sattvic food. I absolutely loved the food during the IA program. I can’t wait until a cookbook is available. I didn’t miss any of the food I eat at home.
I used to be a hard core carnivore. I thought my brain wouldn’t work if I didn’t eat chicken at least 5 times a week, but during and after IA- I experienced the joy of eating sattvic food. My body is so alive and fresh now. I can honestly say I genuinely enjoy eating now.