Kundalini Awakening

Access the dormant reservoir of energy residing within

Swamiji has drawn from his own unique experiences (and the wisdom of the great Yogic, Siddha, and Vedic traditions) to deliver the science of awakening the Kundalini. During IA, you will undergo powerful processes, which awaken the latent spiritual energy that resides in each human being. As the kundalini energy rises from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, it completely invigorates and purifies each of the chakras (energy centers). The release of the kundalini energy also eliminates harmful toxins and wastes responsible for many health issues. Regarded as the true fountain of youth, the kundalini energy brings innumerable positive side effects:

  • Complete reversal of the aging process
  • A profound sense of inner harmony and peace
  • Healing of the body and mind
  • Ultimate experience of complete contentment and bliss
I was skeptical, but it really works. The first time I saw people levitating, I tried to copy them and “hop” in the lotus posture. I couldn’t even raise an inch. All these so called rational “skeptics” need to just wake up and see thousands of people who are experiencing joy, and healing in their lives. My opinion is, it’s actually 100% Swamiji’s work, because if it was my responsibility to awaken my own Kundalini, I’m not sure how well it would work out.
The effects?… reconfiguration of your being…. Cleanses all our past memories, no traces of emotional attachments to them, and the mind is clear. He also teaches you how to mantain this state and empower its benefits.
There is an immense outburst of energy that can be felt at the physical level. The high energy moves into a heightened state of awareness, enabling me to dance through the dimensions of life.