FAQ – About the Program

What is “Bliss”- how is it different from happiness?
Ananda or bliss is defined as “That” which cannot be reduced, or lost. Bliss is not just happiness. Happiness is always the result of some cause or reason, thus it is fleeting. Bliss is the permanent feeling of joy and serenity that exists for no reason, and therefore never dies.
How is IA different from other programs that promise similar results?

IA offers much more than just the technical knowledge and techniques. Many times, we may feel the inspiration to live in a new way, but are unable to maintain the changes necessary to do so. This is why the major component of the program is the transmittance of the very experience, which can only be done by an enlightened master. When the experiential understanding is imbibed, it will never leave you.
“Once the inner lamp is lit, there can be no return to darkness”

Is there a significance to the length of the program?

It takes us 21 days for any experience to be understood – to be practiced – to be integrated – to become part of us and part of our daily routine.
What is 'Living Enlightenment?
Living enlightenment gives you a new beginning, the clarity to handle life, make decisions out of intuition and live with overflowing joy and gratitude no matter what is happening around you.
“People come to me and say, ‘I have achieved all that I wanted to achieve, but what for I wanted to achieve, I have not achieved. I feel incomplete. Understand this is the call of your being that seeks no other goal except enlightenment.”
What is an enlightened master?
An enlightened master is a person who has evolved to the highest state of consciousness, the state of enlightenment. He/She has mastered this state and in so doing, is able to share that enlightenment with others.
Who Can Come?
The program is open to people of all backgrounds, cultures and faiths. The only requirement is the desire for a change – to be open to the possibility of having a renewed sense of self, a healthier body, and a more balanced mind.
How do I know if this program is for me?
Individuals who attend this program span the gamut. From those who desire to live a stress free life, to those who wish to glimpse the higher conscious state of enlightenment, this program offers something for everyone.
I feel happy with my life, why do I need this program?
Look deeply into your life. Often the sources of our happiness are external. We feel content when we are comfortable with our relationships, social status, career, or financial stability. When our happiness is contingent on external factors, we will always be carrying an underlying fear that these things will be taken away from us. As long as we live with this fear, we will never experience true freedom.