Why 21 Days?
Inner Awakening is specifically designed to promote and nurture the development of positive neural pathways through the techniques and teachings that move you from understanding to experience
The 3-Step Process

For any idea to become an experience in you, it takes at least 21 days. With any truth, the first seven days will be the understanding period. The second seven days will be the practicing period. The third seven days will be the experience – the miracle period!

Each truth you will be contacting in this program can trigger powerful processes in you – emotional, mental, sometimes even physiological. We need to give time for these processes to settle in you! It takes time for the complete transformation to happen. For any idea to become an experience in you, it takes at least 21 days.

Understanding period: With any new idea, the first 7 days will usually be the understanding period, when your old way of thinking continuously rises up to resist the new understanding.

For example, suppose you are introduced to a truth, ‘If I am non-violent towards everybody, the whole world will be non-violent towards me.’ The first 7 days, your typical response will be, ‘No, no, even if I try to behave that way, how can I really forgive everybody? And if I do that, won’t everybody start exploiting me?’ All kinds of doubts! During this period, you will not be able to really carry that non-violence in you. You need more technical knowledge, greater clarity about these great truths.

Practicing period: The second 7 days will be the practicing period. You become ready to give the new understanding a chance. You tell yourself, ‘Alright, if I carry hatred inside, I am the one who is going to suffer. So let me forgive them.’ You honestly start the practice, living it inside and outside. At this point, various techniques can help you focus and integrate your practice.

Miracle period: The third 7 days will be the real experience – the miracle period! Here you will really see the miraculous results of your practice. For example, suppose you are facing a really serious problem with somebody – but you decide to meet him with this same deep non-violent mood. Your very presence, the very strength of your non-violence, suddenly turns that person around and everything goes well. Suddenly, he becomes relaxed and respectful towards you!

Scientific Explanation

Many studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that our brains are much like computers, and can be programmed through the repetition of certain actions or thought patterns. These behaviors create neural pathways in the brain, which are responsible for determining the way in which we conduct our lives. Over time, these pathways become so embedded in the brain, that we often do not realize why we do what we do. From the way we interact with others to the manner in which we carry out our daily activities, everything has become an unconscious routine.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, motivational speaker and author of Psycho-Cybernetics, discovered that the time needed for brain circuits to convert engrams (memories traces) into neural pathways -takes 21 days. Research has also shown that we can actively reprogram our brains in order to create new neural networks. Restructuring the neural pathways in the brain that align with healthier and more productive lifestyle choices, is the most transformative aspect of Inner Awakening. Each dimension in this program can activate powerful processes in you on the emotional, mental, and physiological levels.

For starters, you are in the presence of an enlightened Master for 21 continuous, uninterrupted days, sharing the same space. The length of the program is one of the most important aspects because that is when the physical human body is able to make a connection to higher consciousnesses to produce a change. This change is not only temporary, it is embedded in your muscle memory and changes this life or any other future lives.