In the office, I have problem getting the 24 days leave. After submitting the intention form, I asked my boss and he granted the leave. It is a miracle.
Initially, my vacation was not approved for July IA but in October things happened quickly. Not only did I get the approval but my manager is flying from USA for a week to manage the team in my absence. After that, my company’s CEO is flying in for 2 weeks to ensure the team is not alone. This is very significant because the company is small and I am in charge of the Bangalore branch. The way this program took shape is simply amazing.
Getting 21 days leave from the office and home were almost impossible. After getting my intention form blessed, I was able complete long pending projects timely to attend Oct IA. Surprisingly, my boss easily agreed to 21 days leave and more surprisingly, my wife let me go. Thanks Swamiji.
I could not attend any of the IA’s in 2011. Amazingly, there were job urgencies or time constraint all through 2011. In 2012, after Swamiji’s blessings, suddenly everything fell in place for me to attend this IA. I am sure it would have been Swamiji’s wish that I attend the first 2012 IA.
I work for a professional services firm as a specialist consultant and the firm used to send me to the international finanacial instituition. My time for the first quarter had been already booked to a client. After Swamiji blessed my intention, I simply applied for holiday stating the straight reason-Inner Awakening program. No promises were made by my company as my time is already booked. So it depends on the client. The client had a meeting and decided to slow down a project and hence immediately approved by the program board. The very next day just in my eyes, i saw decisions being revised and my request reinstated. Since they already granted my holiday, i am here now and my place is being filled by someone else.
I had problem in getting leave at work. I told this to Swamiji and Swamiji blessed saying, it will happen. After that, without any issues, my leave was approved without me even demanding much.
After submitting the intention form and receiving Swamiji’s blessings, my work schedule was rearranged for me overnight, which was almost impossible. I took no part in the changes.
Originally, I had problem with coming to IA because my manager had issues with me taking 3 weeks off. After Swamiji’s blessings, I got my leave approved as the project release was delayed. Thank you Swamiji.
It is really a miracle, I really still don’t know how I overcome the obstacles to attend the Inner Awakening program. I just prayed to swamiji as I felt this is the only way for me to come to from out of my problems
I just followed swamiji’s words. I remembered him throughout my actions. With Swamiji’s blessings, got my leave approved within 2 weeks instead of long procedure takes minimum 1-3 months.