Groundbreaking techniques to provide you with the energy, clarity, and intelligence to create the life you truly desire

Human beings only utilize a portion of their brain’s capacity. We have an innate ability to fully express multiple intelligences (i.e. social, emotional, physical, intellectual). These faculties are associated with different dimensions of the brain. In fact, we are already equipped with everything needed to live successfully in each area of life. All the tools we are searching for lie unmanifested within us. Masters and Rishis from every tradition have spent thousands of years researching, writing, and teaching people the science of accessing the hidden treasures of the inner world. Scientific research has recently verified what has been known in the spiritual field for centuries; man is much more than what they think they are and the human potential is vast.
Studies have proven that meditation has the power to balance all eleven systems in the body and enrich the spirit, resulting in miraculous healing of many psychological and physiological diseases. Meditation also trains the body and mind to function with intense aliveness while remaining in a state of profound restful awareness. This unique Inner Awakening program includes a diverse mix of revolutionary meditation techniques, formulated to provide you with the energy, clarity, and intelligence to create and celebrate the life you truly desire.

Alchemy with the Master

Cleanse and energize the seven major chakras (energy centers)

Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) leads participants directly to the root of the samskaras (engraved memories/energy blockages) at each chakra that determine the individual personalities, and influence how we function in our day-to-day lives. Through Swamiji’s powerful and profound insights and techniques, participants finally release the emotional and mental baggage that has been a burden for years. You experience a new way of living and relating with yourself and others in joy and inspiration.

Clear the Samskaras (engraved memories) from the gross level (physical) to the subtlest (nirvanic) energy level bodies

During this process Swamiji guides the participants into the deepest layers of their beings through the seven energy bodies. For this part of the program, participants examine the thought patterns that cause desire, guilt, and pain at all levels.This program uses a combination of very powerful therapeutic processes that liberate the soul from the emotional heaviness of lack and discontent.

Healer’s Initiation- Opening of the Secret 8th Chakra (Doorway to Cosmic Energy)

Learn the sacred science of Nithya Spiritual Healing. During Healer’s Initiation, Swamiji opens the 8th chakra (the Ananda Gandha) located between the heart and the navel centers. The Ananda Gandha is the point where all of the seven major energy centers merge. Once it is opened, it becomes a channel connecting the healer to Swamiji’s cosmic healing energy.

Re-live to Relieve the Emotional Wounds of Past Traumas

Past Life Regression. This dimension of IA focuses on opening the first and second layers of past life memories. There are three layers of memory related to past lives. The first layer pertains to the memories associated from this birth to the present. The second layer contains the memories from the time since the first was assumed (could be tortoise or a fish), and the third layer encompasses from the origination of the cosmos to now. Our past life memories are directly responsible for the extreme emotions we experience (i.e., intense anger, hunger, or lust). They are like unhealed, undiscovered wounds that wreak havoc on the inner space. Many participants of the Inner Awakening program have experienced a glimpse of their past lives during these sessions which have proven to be intensely cathartic.

Upanishad: Vibrant, Silent Meditation in the Powerful Presence of a Living Incarnation

Swamiji shares that the essence of his teachings in the vibrant silence between his words. This is one of the sacred secrets of the guru-seeker relationship that was understood and widely practiced in Vedic India – the transmission of the Truth through a medium other than words. If you allow the Master, his silence will penetrate you to your core. In a single moment, his energy can transform your very being. It dissolves your restlessness, healing you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Master the Art of Unclutching, Nithyananda’s ‘Mahavakya’- the Ultimate Technique for a Conscious Breakthrough

In the Vedic tradition, the guru utters the great truth to the prepared seeker. The Mahavakya is the transfer of enlightened energy, sacred technique and blessing all in one. ‘Be Unclutched’ is one of Swamiji’s most powerful Mahavakyas.
Un-clutching can be loosely defined as the science of disengaging from the maze of the mind. To begin the process, Swamiji “churns” the inner space, freeing us from the push and pull of thoughts that we are aware and unaware of. The mind is conditioned to run after these thoughts, causing restlessness, frustration, and mood swings. When the uclutching happens, the inner space is emptied, and all that remains is the nirvanic state of pure restful awareness. These sessions with the Master are very deep and mystical. Once initiated into un-clutching, participants meditate for hours together without moving an inch, lost in the vast ocean of internal tranquility.


Just being around Swamiji at any time is a treat for all the senses. But I particularly enjoyed the Upanishad because it allowed us the glimpse of what he refers to as inner silence. As the senses disengage and stop pounding the mind, it gives an opportunity to relax. However brief, it opens up a new dimension. It is the clouds parting and giving way so that the sun can finally be seen, even if only for a few glorious moments.
No words can give justice to what was offered. It is very difficult to comprehend. One thing I can say is that no one will leave this program untouched.
Each process and session offered in IA impacts everyone differently. However, the overall impact of the IA program is life altering. I have walked away from IA with a totally different inner space than I arrived with. It’s not so much that I have been given all the answers to all the questions; it’s that the questions have evaporated from my inner space. And the void that is left by the questions that are no longer there is filled with an indescribable peace and calm.