Dial The Avatar

Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives yet another incomparable, unique gift for the whole world – He has now thrown himself open and available to answer questions from anyone LIVE during the daily morning satsang. Everyday, starting from 24th December, 2011 from 8:00 am (IST – Indian Standard Time) the lucky ones who dial +918027279999 (Extn: 129) get to talk directly to Swamiji!
Below is the sharing from people who got blessings from Swamiji to attend the Inner Awakening program in the Dial-The-Avatar program.

I got blessings from Swamiji on Dial the Avatar to come for IA. My major obstacle was my husband’s denial. I not only came but also got my daughter here for eN-Genius.

Father changed his mind overnight and allowed me to attend the program after I asked swami in Dial the avatar program

I discussed with my husband about this program, He said no. When swamiji introduced dial the avatar segment, I had strong feelings that I will get the chance to talk to swamiji. On Dec 15 2011, I got the opportunity to talk to swamiji who blessed me and my son for attending the program and here we are. We are so grateful to Swamiji for giving this opportunity.

Whole family making it is by itself a miracle. Myself, my wife and my first daughter are doing IA and my younger daughter is dong eNGenius. Thanks to Swamiji’s blessings in dial the avatar program.