Fun and Candid Moments

Expect the Unexpected



There is never a dull moment at Inner Awakening. Spontaneity is actually a fundamental component of this program. This is why many no two Inner Awakening programs will ever be completely identical. Each IA is unique; full of surprises, fun, and candid moments spent with the Swamiji. On a whim, Swamiji might ask the group to meet under the banyan tree for a special meditation or satsang. Perhaps he might arrange an evening campfire with dinner under the stars. In an instant, you may be headed to the Vaidya Sarovar for an impromptu energy darshan.

Swamiji is the embodiment of intense life energy. He has the capacity to flow with whatever life may bring. spur-of-the-moment events with him are simply a beautiful way to teach us how to enjoy the unexpected happenings in life.


I have done much internal work over the years, and it has been very dedicated, hard work. With Swamiji it is more fun; quick results, and deep changes. The quality of my life is different…the presence of my own self is peaceful and joyful.
I have no words. Just go! Be there and experience it.
What was distinctive about IA was that each one of the 150 people attending had unique experiences relative to what each needed for their spiritual journey