As I am still a school student, my parents did not allow me to attend this program this year as I was having exam. But now with Swamiji’s blessings, I am here for the program.
My family was the big obstacle for me. They did not allow me and hence I dropped the plan of attending IA this month. I submitted the intention form and with blessings of swamiji and the efforts of IA team, and my other relatives, I was able to attend this IA. Even my dad was convinced after visiting this ashram. Though one day late, it’s because of Swamiji’s blessings that I could attend the program now.
With Swamiji’s blessings, my family automatically allowed me to attend the program without any ressistance
Major tiff was to convince the family. It happened at last moment. Dad and brother happened to get convinced by the divine grace of Swamiji. Thank you !