Third Eye Awakening during Inner Awakening

During the Inner Awakening program, Swamiji awakens the Third Eye of all the participants through a unique process of Third Eye Initiation.

What is the “third eye”? What is its significance?

The Third Eye is a very potent, important power which is stored in every human being – it is the very source of your consciousness.

All the extraordinary, mystical and spiritual traditions continuously work on awakening the Third Eye.

What are the benefits of Third Eye Awakening?

  • Awakening the Third Eye awakens the non- mechanical parts of the brain, allowing you to experience powers like telepathy, materialization, teleportation and many other miraculous powers. The Third Eye is the bridge between the physical world and the psychic and cosmic spaces. It is like a ‘browsing center’, a door to the Cosmos. You can receive and transmit anything to the Cosmos through the Third Eye, living with unimaginable powers when it is completely awakened.

Children with their third eye awakened show an improved sense of intuition  Many of them are able to read and see with their eyes blindfolded. Some children are able to color pictures blindfolded. They show amazing intelligence – the ability to make cognitive leaps far beyond the knowledge they are exposed to. This makes them very quick learners. The children exhibit exceptional creativity in art and problem solving, often finding new creative solutions to problems. Third Eye Awakening leads to better overall cognition, intuition, creativity, and potentially extraordinary superhuman powers & abilities