E-Sign FAQ

Simple Steps to get your E Signature completed successfully!

#1 Please go to the the following link [Copy & Paste in your browser]
[Works best in a wide screen tablet or a PC; We strongly discourage you from using a mobile phone as they are not user friendly due to the width of the document]

#2  The best way is to click the Start Pointer Button on the left side of the Document & Type in your ID Number & Click on the “Next” Button (The Start Pointer would change to “Next” Pointer for the rest of the process)
Click on the Next button after filling in the detail to take you to the next field and repeat to fill in sequence.

Please note that when you are entering the initials for the 1st time, click on the box where you need the initials entered to open a window allowing you to type or draw (if you have a touch screen) & Click on Apply.
The next entries of Initials will automatically entered when you click “Next” & just click on the box of Initials

#3 Enter you name in the signature of Participant box in the same manner & continue to next fields by clicking the “Next”

#4 When you have entered all the fields , The Click to sign button will appear on the bottom right side of the document

Last Step
#5  A confirmation email will be sent from Adobe Sign [email protected] to the registered email id. please open this email and click on the link “Confirm my email address”

Just Click on this link & you will receive another email from YogaEvent <[email protected]> confirming that the process is completed

That’s it! Congratulations!

Most Common FAQs

1) Can I use mobile device or Tablets to E Signature

A] Mobile Device is not recommended as the E Signture plugin compatibility varies from device to device and can be cumbersome to fill.

2] Can I used the Enter key to move on to the next field instead of Clicking the “Next Button”

A] Yes you can except after clicking on the Initials & Participants Signature

in those fields you need to click the Next Button to proceed further.

3] What if I need to change one of the fields you entered

A] Just click on the respective field and re-enter the correct detail.

4] Why is it important to fill and submit this form

A] There will be lot of Participants arriving & you can avoid long wait during the registration process upon arrival.

5] Are all the fields Mandatory to be filled

A] All fields having a RED Astrix (*) sign are mandatory & only when all these fields are entered the “Click to Sign” button will appear.

Important Note: Please enter the same email id that you used while registering for the SadaShivoham 2016 program to avoid multiple entries.