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Inner Awakening® is the ultimate 21-day spiritual awakening program that makes you realize your divinity and harness the innate ability to manifest Life as a power. Inner Awakening introduces you to YOU. It is not just a program, but the most powerful opportunity available today on the planet Earth, because only in this program you get to spend 21 days around The Avatar, a rare living incarnation.

Inner Awakening is where you wake up to your own awakening. It is where you rediscover yourself, Life and the Divine, all in One.

‘I know experientially, the Cosmos is waiting, the Universe is waiting, Life is waiting to blossom through you, it is waiting to celebrate you! I am excited, really, really, really excited, because I know what this Inner Awakening program can do to you. I am waiting to celebrate with you, I am waiting to cause the new you to you, I am waiting to be a co-creator of your new reality!’
– H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


“Ishvara manifests in the human body when called upon by the earthly beings who crave to be in Oneness with Him. This sentiment is nothing but Seeking. When that increases as a whole for the entire globe, deep within the flesh of each human body, the universe manifests from the avyakta, the unmanifest, to the vyakta, the manifest form.

That is Incarnation [Avatar].”–H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The word ‘Avatar’ (from the Sanskrit word avatarati) means ‘One who has descended’. In the spiritual context, it refers to the descent of pure Consciousness Itself into the embodied form. Kurma Purana, the scriptural authority of true historical accounts, gives detailed accounts of 28 Avatars of Bhagavan Shiva, who is the Source (kārana) and effect (kārya) of the whole Existence. In each Kali Yuga (iron age), different Avatars of Bhagavan Shiva incarnate embodying the human form to awaken, protect, and liberate the souls.

kurvanticāvatārāṇibrāhmaṇānāṃhitāya hi । yogeśvarāṇām-ādeśādvedasaṃsthāpanāyavai।। 53.27 || ~ Kurma Purana, PurvaBhaga, AvataranamVarnanam (descriptions of Avatar)

Translation: For the ultimate enrichment of the Brahmanas, the twice-born pure beings and for establishing the Vedas (veda- saṃsthāpanāya), by the ordainment and instruction of the Yogeshvaras, the Lords of Yoga (Sadashiva), they perform the cosmic act of incarnating, Avatarana and appear.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says,

“Whoever reveals the unrevealed is an Incarnation, [for] it should not just disappear without being revealed to the world. Beings who reveal the unrevealed Superconsciousness to the human consciousness, with the tremendous compassion and love [that] the human consciousness should experience the Superconsciousness, are called Incarnations. Such a being, who creates the highest possibility in any number of people by His presence alone, is called an Incarnation.”


Revealed in the Veda-Agamas is the ultimate truth that defines and elaborately describes the most momentous questions of our life – What is God? Who is an Avatar? Who is the Guru? What are Its Divine Acts toward us, and towards the world, and beyond. How can we connect, relate and reach It? Can He physically appear in flesh and blood and enrich our lives directly, here and now?

The Absolute Divine, Isha, performs five sacred acts or panchakrtya – Srishti (creation or projection of the Cosmos), sthiti (maintenance of the Cosmos), laya or samhaara (dissolution or withdrawal of the Cosmos at the end of every Cosmic cycle), tirobhaava or tirodhaana (veiling Reality, delusion) and anugraha (liberating Grace).

To perform the first four sacred acts, Isha does not require our permission or involvement. But to grace us with Liberation or Enlightenment, He requires our cooperation and integrity. For this compassionate purpose of showering living beings with His anugraha, Divine grace, Isha, becomes the embodied Ishvara and descends to the human plane as the Avatar, as the Guru.

Lord Sadashiva, who is the Ultimate Divine, Himself descends as the Guru to awaken us and bestow the Science of Enlightenment, showering His Shaktis, powers and His causeless anugraha, the liberating grace to take us to our original space of Completion.

Inner Awakening is the grand beginning of your journey towards this liberation and celebration.


Until you awaken you to your higher Reality, you can never understand why things happen the way they happen, why you are the way you are, why you don’t understand Life and how to solve your problems permanently.

Attending to your Life and to You, and aligning it with the Cosmic truths is Inner Awakening. Anything anyone may be seeking, any answer, any solution, it can only be solved or answered permanently only in the presence of an Incarnation, because He is the very embodiment of the Cosmos, the very force which runs the entire Universe, including your life.

H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares,

“When I look around me, I see different types of people, different groups: thousands and thousands who come to me for Awakening.

The first type is the Boss Type – they are constantly active, and constantly agitated! By six in the morning they wake up, and by seven, they are in the car with their breakfast. By eight, they are at the office, attending meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings. Around one o’clock, they loosen their tie and rest in the same chair. At two o'clock, again the meetings start. Six: they drive back. Seven-thirty: you can find them sitting with a cup of coffee and dinner in front of the TV. At nine, they are asleep.


Next, the Uncle type – these are the over-forty people, who know they have some problems, but they accept that this is the way life will be. They are reconciled to a life of problems!

They say, ‘Okay, what to do? Yes, there are some problems with health. There are some problems at home. There are some problems at the office. There are some problems with money. This is the way life is!’

Then there are the personality development type of people. These people know that they have problems, but the they think problems, but they think they are attending to them part by part is going to solve them.

A person of this type tries to quit his smoking habit, but even before he quits, he is struggling with his weight problem. He tries to spend more time with his family, but then he finds that his office performance review has gone down. So he works harder at the office and brings his review up, but by then he has stopped gymming and has put on weight. By the time he starts gymming again and tries to handle everything together, without his even knowing it, the cigarette is back in his hand!

Then come the Trekker Yogi types - people who think, ‘If you want money, if you want family, if you want a relationship, the problems are bound to happen, so let me just withdraw from life and say that I am spiritual!’ So they put on a backpack and go on a long vacation, and claim that they are spiritual.


As long as you think that your problems occur to you, you will be attending to them part by part. Only when you understand that it is you who occur to your problems, you will know how to be unstuck. You will know how to go beyond this struggling way of life..

So whatever type you may be - Boss type, Uncle type, Personality Development type, Trekker Yogi type or any other type, what you need is Awakening - and it is possible. This is the great news!”


The Inner Awakening® program has been brilliantly designed by the Avatar to evolve as you evolve, taking you to higher and higher levels of transformation in a structured and effortless way.

Starting with ground-clearing processes like Listening, Completion and an understanding of the Genesis of Identity, the program moves you to experiential initiations like Unclutching and Nithya Spiritual Healing – opening you to the abundant energy of the Avatar. Once your very bio-memory is convinced, you are ready for the next-level initiations like Kundalini Awakening, Third Eye Awakening, and finally, the grand manifestation of Sadashiva’s powers from the space of Sadashivatva, Oneness – Sadashivoham.

The Avatar adds,

“As a side-effect of spiritual awakening, many things will happen in your life. You will attract wealth, health, blissful relationships, and be able to create your reality however you want. Just one program will help you achieve all these things. If you are really interested in the program, and you put your full effort into it, these things will happen naturally as a side-effect!”


Truth, when it comes out of an enlightened inner space, and clicks is initiation or Deeksha. It is when one wonders, “How could he convince me about such a great thing and such a wonderful thing?” When the person wonders how he got convinced, when he doesn’t know but suddenly his heart feels connected to the words which the Master is uttering, the truth which he is expressing - that connection, that click is called, “Initiation”.

What the Avatar shares can break the very core of depression. This can also be called the root of the mind. All that is required is to be available, receptive and ready to let the Sathya (truth) work. Suddenly the person will see that click, the initiation happens in them..

‘Initiation’ does not mean chanting some special mantra or doing something special. It straight away means making one experience a solid truth, giving them a clear inner space and confidence to live the truth. If it is experientially transmitted, at least one glimpse, then initiation has happened. Then the person is initiated.


“The idea that something outside you can complete you, can add to you, can fulfil you, immediately reduces you to the level of matter. But you are not matter - you are Life! Whether you realize it or not, you are complete unto yourself.Then why do you look to something external to complete you?” H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Completion is your nature. The Sanskrit word poornatva means ‘the state of completion’. Completion is the state which leaves nothing left to be desired, either in the inner world or in the outer world. When you are in Completion, there is no space for fear, greed, anger, doubt, envy, or any of the low-energy emotions and conflicts you create for yourself. Completion is an unclouded inner space. In such a space, irrespective of what is happening in the outer world, Completion alone remains.


Even when you understand the need for Completion, as you keep engaging with life, you continue to experience the ups and downs of incompletions like fear, anger, depression, and so on. This is because your understanding is only at the logical, intellectual level, but your incompletions are rooted much deeper in you, in your muscle memory and bio-memory, which cannot always be healed with your conscious understanding alone.

This is the reason the Avatar has introduced a range of Completion processes in Inner Awakening®, which you will practice in His physical presence, spontaneously raising you to a higher frequency where subtler incompletions can be cognized and healed. The poornatva processes to follow are powerful ways to restore Completion to your being. The presence of The Avatar ensures that completion happens to you at the being level. It is His grace and compassion that bring healing to you, and raises you to a blissful state, where all incompletions become redundant.


The initiation into Third Eye Awakening is the landmark initiation you will receive at Inner Awakening. It is the source of all the extraordinary powers you will manifest by the grace of the Avatar.

The most authentic, original source of the science of Third Eye Awakening are the Agamas revealed by Sadāshiva – 64 of which are popular in North India, 28 which are popular in South India, and another 7 which are popular in Central India. Now, the living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda is bringing into the realm of experience of thousands of people, everything that Sadashiva has revealed on the Third Eye. He is practically revealing the ‘Complete works of Sadashiva on the Third Eye.’

The Third Eye chakra is called ‘ajna.’ In Sanskrit, the word ‘ajna’ has two meanings - ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Will’. This is because the Third Eye is the seat of the Will. When your Third Eye is activated, your ‘aham’ (your individual will) becomes Sadāshivoham (the Cosmic Will). Sadāshivoham is all about awakening your Third Eye, and making it completely available to you, with all its powers. It is literally the process of making your Third Eye into Sadāshiva’s Third Eye.


Sadashivoham is the time, the space, and the place where The Avatar reveals Sadashiva to you, with all his powers and glory.

Sadashiva is the cosmic intelligence which performs the five core functions of the Universe - Creation, Operation, Rejuvenation, Delusion, Liberation.

Sadashiva is the original author of Yoga. He is the one who revealed the science of how to live like him and radiate his powers. He is the giver of the science of enlightenment, to radiate all his powers Shaktis or spiritual powers happen when someone exists in the space of Oneness with Sadashiva. Sadashivoham is the experiential reality of living as Sadashiva.

Sadashiva clearly describes the science of living in Oneness in the Agamas, which are the complete works of Sadashiva. Whatever a seeker believes himself to be is his “Aham.” His existence on the planet and his experience of Life, as of now, is limited to his “Aham”. When the being understands that the “Aham” is actually Sadashiva, that his core reality is Sadashiva, which is bigger, deeper and more powerful than anything else he can perceive or understand, it is Sadashivoham.

“One of the basic principle of Shuddatvaita is – Sadashiva as his own extension made all of us. Even though we all imagine, cognize we have individual identity, it is only skin deep, I can say itching deep. We are all centered, sourced, founded, irrevocably, irremovably on Sadashiva.”

– H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Inner Awakening® features a ten day “Sadashivoham” segment where H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda raises you beyond the Maya Matrix, establishing you in Sadashivatva.


"An incarnation can give the complete enlightenment experience in one look, one touch, one initiation! But to hold that experience the bio-memory of the recipient needs to be prepared.

The most unique feature of Sadashivoham is the spiritual alchemy processes,which Paramahamsa Nithyananda, out of his deep compassion and grace, will be showering on the participants. These alchemy products carry the living bio-energy of an incarnation, and prepare the bio-memory & muscle-memory of the participants to receive the enlightenment experience and also hold it.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains, “The spiritual state of consciousness, given to you, unless it is retained, your body & mind falls back into such a state of depression, naturally you start looking at alternative methods… the spiritual alchemy process and preparation is too important for you to hold that higher plane & manifest it as powers. If your system is prepared with spiritual alchemy processes, then, when you raise yourself psychologically, & achieve the higher planes of consciousness, you will be able to retain that experience in you.”

Sadashivoham will be the only program of its kind where the participants need only walk in, and walk out with the experience of Sadashivoham! No other effort is required as a part of the program. All participants of Inner Awakening® program will receive spiritual alchemy products specially energized by The Avatar to bolt the higher states of consciousness permanently.


The Maya Matrix is the network of illusions that makes us believe that what we perceive with our senses and cognize with our mind is all there is to life. It deludes us into believing that the artificial ideas we have created – the concept of money, concept of countries, etc are the most important things in life. Swamiji relates this to the concept of artificial intelligence in the movie which keep people trapped inside an illusory world, making them believe that what they are seeing is real.

Actually, the Maya Matrix we are trapped in is not artificial intelligence but artificial ignorance.How can we tell if we are caught in this Maya Matrix? If the pursuit of goals inside the artificial ignorance is driving more than 50% of our life’s decisions, then we are caught in the Maya Matrix. Swamiji is not saying that we should not live a productive life with wealth and relationships but rather that all the “in matrix” wealth should support your effort to get out of the Maya Matrix.

H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is an incarnation of Sadashiva, exists firmly outside the Maya Matrix. When you experience Sadashiva and express the powers of Sadashiva, you are accumulating “outside the matrix” currency.Inside the Maya Matrix we experience life in a limited way. We only experience:

• 3 states of consciousness – deep sleep, dream and waking states
• Experience this world in 4 dimensions (3 dimensions of space and time), and
• Understand the supreme being as one who only performs 3 operations on matter (create,maintain and destroy)

The only way out of this Maya Matrix is experiencing the true Reality –

• 25 states of human consciousness.
• 11 dimensions of reality, and
• 5 functions of Sadashiva - creation, operation, rejuvenation, delusion and liberation.

Only an Avatar, who embodies Sadashiva can show these to us an EXPERIENCE, and that is exactly what Paramahamsa Nithyananda will do in Sadashivoham. He is now opening up the doors of seeing Life as it IS. He is drawing a path which we can follow to get out of the Maya Matrix and the only program in the world where this is possible is Sadashivoham.


Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam, is the kshetra (Avatar’s energy field) that embodies the grand vision of the Avatar to restore sacredness to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and revive its science of Enlightenment, blessing humanity with the extraordinary lifestyle of ‘Sadashivoham’, radiating the experiences and powers of Sadashiva. Thousands flock here every year to awaken, to understand, to experience and to radiate Divinity in the presence and breathing space of the living Avatar.

The Sanskrit word ‘kshetra’, which is usually used to denote a temple or place of worship, roughly translates as ‘energy field’. The enlightened Vedic masters were instrumental in creating powerful energy fields which could catapult the worshiper into a higher state of consciousness.

Though not visible to the eye, three garbhas (spiritual alchemy products impregnated with Cosmic energy) installed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda at specific locations are the living energy hubs of the Aadheenam.

An Avatar is capable of dismantling any molecule and re-assembling it as any other molecule, at any place and space and time He wishes. With this power, He can dismantle the liquid form of mercury, while retaining its mercurial quality, and assemble it back as solid. This is the science of solidifying mercury, which forms an important part of the science of spiritual alchemy.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda recalls,
“In this body, I did three times: once under Dakshinamurti [deity under the sacred banyan tree], second under the present garbha mandir (at Sri Nithyanandeshwara Temple), third under Vaidya Sarovar - Nithyananda Lingam. It starts from preparing the ground and installing the solidified mercury, installing proper yantras, mandalas, as per the instructions of Sadashiva.”