What is Inner Awakening?

Inner Awakening ® is a 21-day spiritual transformation program through yoga at all levels of body and mind. Deriving various techniques and processes from the Vedic scriptures and teachings like Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga, Gheranda Samhita, Inner Awakening ® offers a powerful awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, one’s inner potential, through meditation, spiritual processes, yoga, pranayama, kriyas, and the powerful Shivoham process.


We have so many powers inside us – the Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling, Power of Life. These are various powers we have inside. For example, a word which you utter can either make or break a relationship. The word we utter can make our life happy or break our life. All these are powers inside us. In Sanskrit we use the word “Kundalini Shakthi”. We have various, multiple, potential powers sitting inside us which are neither awakened nor used. Inner Awakening is a process that works on your body, mind, physiology, psychology and consciousness to awaken all your potential powers like Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling, and Power of Living, ultimately the power to create a space to make whatever you want as reality. So, Inner Awakening is all about awakening the inner potential energy you carry through time-tested, most authentic, powerful ancient Vedic secrets and techniques and methodologies.

What is Enlightenment in relation to Inner Awakening?

When you awaken the Power of Words, you become a powerful teacher, orator; just with words you will be able to inspire, enrich millions of people. Same way, if you awaken the Power of Thinking, you will have larger powers with you. If you awaken the Power of Feeling in you, you will expand your life more. If you awaken the Power of Life, that is what is called “Enlightenment”. Power of Life means, ability to create a space in you and make that space into reality. It is possible! It is possible! It is not superstition, it is not something impossible.
Enlightenment, basically, makes you understand the Power of Life and gives you the keys to create the space and make your space into reality as you want. Enlightenment is all about living in the peak possibility, living in the highest human potential consciousness, living in your peak energy. So this Inner Awakening is all about living in your peak possibility.
In our brain, we have some mechanical parts of the brain, like which controls your blood flow, breathing, digestion; these are all mechanical parts of the brain. But there are some parts of your brain, the non-mechanical parts of your brain; in Vedic tradition, we call that part as “Kundalini Shakthi”. That part gets awakened only when your Kundalini is awakened. When there is a coherent awakening of all parts of your brain, mechanical and non-mechanical parts, you experience life in your peak possibility in all aspects of your life. Exponentially you go up, and the quality and experience of your life zooms up. So that possibility, that experience is what I call “Inner Awakening”. Awakening all the non-mechanical parts of your brain through the Kundalini awakening is “Inner Awakening”. That is what is called “Enlightenment”.

Why Inner Awakening in Bali?

Bali is one of the holiest places where for ages the whole civilization is filled with the great teachings of Vedic civilization. The Vedic tradition was taken to Bali around ten-thousand years before. It is pregnant with the spiritual energy. Ninety-three percent of Bali’s population follows beautiful Vedic tradition, and, I tell you, that is the island with the lowest crime rate in the world for the whole year. Only a handful of incidents happen for a whole year. You can count the number of crimes which happen in the whole year in Bali within your two hands! Such a crime-free island filled with numerous temples and spiritual lighthouse. The whole energy is such a high spiritual energy. It will be really beautiful and easy for people to flower in the Inner Awakening. That is the reason we are having Bali for the Inner Awakening Level-4 in Dec 2013.

What is new in IA Level 4?

Inner Awakening Level-1, you get initiated to experience the Science of Completion with themselves. And in Level-2, you get initiated to experience Completion with others. In Level-3, you get initiated to Creation. In Level-4, you get initiated not only for Creation for yourself, you also get initiated with ability to create for others. Here, not only you create the reality you want, you make everyone who is around you to create their reality also as they want, so, as a whole group, as a Sangha, all of us are successful. See, around each one of us there is a family, there is a team. Whether it is in your office or in your house, the team which is around you in your office or in your house or your friends, that team is what I call the “Sangha”.
In this Level-4, I experientially teach you to make your Sangha also realize their reality. So, not only you create your reality, your Sangha, means your family, or your community, or your corporate house team, or your colleagues, all of them are helped by you, enriched by you to make their creation into reality. So, as a whole Sangha, you celebrate your life. That is the uniqueness of Inner Awakening Level-4. You will be experiencing a powerful harmony. The most influencing factor on others’ life is harmony. So if you really want to influence, make a difference in others’ lives, you need to bring a powerful harmony. That science of bringing a powerful harmony will be brought to your experience, into your reality, in this Inner Awakening Level-4.

What is “Completion”?

“Incompletion” means, the hangover, residue of the past sitting inside your mind and restricting your freedom and your spontaneity in the present moment and destroying your future. This is what is “incompletion”. For example, if you are carrying a deep incompletion about a certain food, naturally your body becomes allergic to that food. If you carry resistance towards some person or some reality of your life, naturally that becomes poison, that becomes difficulty, or danger in your life. For example, if you have fear of snake, your whole life you may see a snake only once or twice. But, every day, you will be remembering the snake two-hundred times! So, incompletion is the hangover of the past which stops you. Hangover and residue of a past memory, or a past incident, or a past situation, or a past thought, or a past emotion which are residing in you in the present moment and restricts and limits your cognition the way you understand and respond to life in the present moment.
“Completion” means, dropping all the incompletions, and liberating your consciousness to have more spontaneity, more freedom, more energy, and more powerfulness, more joy, more totality in the present moment, to celebrate the future.

What is Kundalini Awakening?

We have many wrong ideas about Kundalini, like it is something like black-magic, or dangerous, and it may disturb your body, mind, all that kind of wrong concepts. Kundalini is your inner potential energy. You have so many powers. Even using the right word at the right time is a power. Thinking in the right direction is a power. Feeling in the right direction is a power. Like this, you have multiple powers inside you. Kundalini is the totality of all these powers. It is like your abilities…… See, nowadays, you don’t need to believe these powers. You don’t need faith component at all. Because, we have developed precise methods which are reproducible in a large scale, which proves very clearly the possibility of awakening your inner potential energies. Kundalini is awakening those powers in you, like telepathy, and power of thinking, power of Completion, materialization. These are all the few expressions of Kundalini.
Going into more detail, if your body is prepared with Yoga, and mind is prepared with the right methods of Completion, suddenly all the blockages in the path of the Kundalini energy are removed, your body is flooded with real experiential energy which brings, activates, multiple, auspicious, good energies and powers inside you, which results in better health, better space of Completion, contentment, stress-free life, fulfillment in relationships, and better consciousness to attract and celebrate wealth. All these newer dimensions open in your life. So, Kundalini awakening is a very powerful Vedic way of helping you to reach your potential possibility, your peak possibility, whether it is in the field of your career, or field of fulfillment, or your health, mental wellness, or relationships. In any dimension, helping you to reach your peak possibility, helping you to reach your highest experience, is Kundalini awakening. So, with the right Master, with the right methodology, with the right technique when you awaken the Kundalini, you will not have any negative side-effect, and any negative after-effect. The only after-effect will be positive – health, bliss, fulfillment, in every sphere of your life, the right time, right place.

How do we awaken the Kundalini energy?

First thing, right Master who already experienced Kundalini awakening within himself and who has helped lot of people to awaken their Kundalini. Experienced Master, that is the first thing.
Second, authentic, time-tested, fool-proof techniques. All the methodology and techniques we use in our programs, are authentic, fool-proof, from the original traditions, from the source of knowledge, from the source of the Vedic tradition, like Hatha Yoga, Gheranda Samhita, very important yogic literature.
Lastly, the most important is the individuals who want to awaken their Kundalini, their sincerity, rather, their authenticity.
So, these three can help people awaken their Kundalini.

How can I benefit from Kundalini awakening?

The first thing, once you awaken your Kundalini, your body will listen to you. Many of the diseases can be avoided before even it starts happening in your body. That’s the first thing.
Second, if you already have some diseases or disorders, it can be cured just by you commanding yourself!
And, third, you will be able to create a space to make your relationships fulfilling, your life more intelligent, more enthusiastic, more energetic, more blissful.
Above all, it will be enriching everyone around you.
The benefits of Kundalini awakening is like “too good to be true”! If you hear all the benefits you may have through Kundalini awakening, you will only have one word: ‘Oh, it seems too good to be true!’ This is the slogan for Kundalini awakening: “Too good to be true!” Kundalini can be described or defined with this one word: “Too good to be true!”

What is the 21-day Inner Awakening program?

Whatever you need to know, all that you need to know to achieve your goal and achieve your peak possibility is shared with you experientially in these twenty-one days.
First four days you will be learning about Completion with yourself. All of us, especially in the modern day, humanity suffers so much with self-doubt. See, globalization brought one of the biggest curses on humanity – self-doubt. Because, everybody is trying to impress upon others showing themselves as big. When you try to show yourself as big and try to impress upon others, invariably you make him feel he is small, and that puts a deep self-doubt in him. Globalization brought the biggest curse on human consciousness. That is “self-doubt”.
A villager, a remote villager, is no more a peaceful remote villager, as he used to be fifty years before. He may be sitting in a village, but he is only dreaming about the cities, or he only is dreaming about the ideas put inside his head because of globalization and the information-spreading. So, this idea of self-doubt, experience of impossibility that we carry in ourselves, has to be completed first. So, in the first level of Inner Awakening, people are helped to complete with themselves. Completion with self-doubt.
Second, Completion with others. You are not just you. You are not an island. Naturally, there are so many people involved in your life as part of you. You are involved in so many people’s lives as part of their lives. So, when the Completion with others happens, only then the ground for creating a new reality is ready. Because, you are extended into others, and they exist in you as your extension, and you exist in them as their extension. So, the Completion with others forms a beautiful ground, base, where the creation can start happening.
In the third level of Inner Awakening, the creation of your own reality, you are given the experiential knowledge and energy, methodology, to create your own reality, like wealth, health, peace, relationship completions, all these reality which you want to create, creating your own reality, this science is experientially transmitted to you in the Inner Awakening Level-3.
In the Level-4, you are given the science of creation of your reality and reality of others by synchronizing them harmoniously, creating a synergy – syncing energetically is what I call “synergy” – creating a synergy with others harmoniously is what is all about the Inner Awakening Level-4.
So, this whole science is all about creating what you want in your life, whether it is health, wealth, relationships, fulfillment, or the Science of Enlightenment – the ultimate achievement, the peak possibility. As I said, the right introduction for the Inner Awakening program is “too good to be true!”

What is “Deeksha” (Initiation)?

See, a person who already experienced Completion, the ultimate Completion with himself and life, can transmit that experience to you just by mere will, or a touch, or through initiation. Transmitting that experience of Completion into you, transmitting that power and awakening into you, is what is called “Deeksha”. In Sanskrit, the word “Deeksha” means, “transmission of lamp”. In the Inner Awakening, people receive twenty-two deekshas, twenty-two different initiations and energy darshans in each level, like initiation into listening, initiation into Completion, initiation into healing yourself, initiation into healing others, initiation into living enlightenment. Each initiation makes you receive that knowledge experientially, and live that knowledge experientially.
Many people ask Swamiji in the program, ‘Swamiji, we heard about this Completion. But in the house we neither had the courage, nor were we able to complete with anybody. Even if we tried, it only created more incompletion. But here, after initiation when we start the Completion process, it is so simple!’
So, the power of initiation is authentic way of transmitting this bio-memory to others. See, if you are constantly thinking about something that becomes your muscle-memory and bio-memory. Enlightened master is a person who constantly lives in Completion space, lives in the space of Completion. So, his whole bio-memory and muscle-memory is filled with the space of Completion. So, through a touch or by mere will, he transmits that bio-memory into others. Transmitting that enlightened bio-memory into others is what is called “deeksha”, “initiation”.
In the Inner Awakening Level-4, you will be receiving these initiations in a very powerful way. You will be receiving these initiations by sitting on specifically-designed yantras. An Yantra is a diametric representation of various Cosmic energies. Yantra is a sacred, geometric diagram, where just by looking, contemplating, your higher energies can be awakened.
So, various initiations, various deekshas, awaken various powers in you. As on now, in the Inner Awakening Level-3, you receive the initiations through the sound and the touch. In Sanskrit we say, “Nada” (sound), “Mantra”, and “Sparsha” (touch). In the Inner Awakening Level-4, we will be using the Mantra, sound, and Yantra, the sacred geometry, and Tantra, the sacred technology. The sacred sound, sacred technology and the sacred geometry, all the three you will be using. You will be receiving with the help of all these three, different deekshas and initiations.

What are the benefits of Inner Awakening Level-4?

Swamiji: See, basically, helping every individual to make what they want into reality, and giving them the science, so that they can help all the people around them, people who are in their lives also to make what all they wanted as a reality. Unless you make whoever is living around you, their lives rich, you can’t become rich. Unless you make others as leaders, you can’t be a complete leader. Unless you help and make others also to make their dreams into reality, your dream will not become reality. So, it is a complete science, all that you need to know to make your life Heaven, all that you need to know to make yourself complete, all that you need to know to make yourself really, really, really as you always wanted you to be. All the forgotten and hidden treasures of Vedic knowledge will be a gift given to you in the Inner Awakening Level-4, I can say. All the great spiritual truths, and all the powerful sacred secrets, sacred truths, will become your reality.

Can you please explain what is Mantra, Tantra, Yantra?

“Mantra” means, using the sacred syllables, sacred sounds to raise your Kundalini Shakthi, your inner potential energy.
“Yantra” means, using sacred geometry. Please understand, our brain, if it observes certain diagrams, it can raise itself to certain levels of awareness. Raising the awareness level of your brain, raising your Kundalini Shakthi through the sacred geometry, is “Yantra”.
And “Tantra” means, the technique – breathing, visualization, and stretching your body through proper yogic postures. All these put together is called “Tantra”.
In the Inner Awakening Level-4, we will be using the sacred sounds, sacred techniques, and sacred geometry, all the three, to awaken your Kundalini Shakthi, to awaken your inner potential energy.

In this stressful world, how can people have harmony and joy?

“Completion” is the one-way answer to this question. It is the incompletions we carry that creates stress in us. Even to make one decision, we think two-hundred thoughts because of our incompletions! If we create a space of Completion in us, we will be making decisions just out of intuition. See, unfortunately we are stuck in the maze of conflicting, contradicting, complicating thoughts, desires, deeds, and our frustration leads to more conflicting, complicating, contradicting thoughts, desires and deeds. If there is one thing that humanity needs today as a survival need immediately, that is “Completion”. Unfortunately, the outer science, the modern science cannot offer this clarity, cannot offer this solution, Completion in totality. So, the inner science, Spirituality, the Science of Enlightenment only can offer this solution – Completion. We don’t need more and more beds, but we need the Space of Completion for humanity to rest in peace and rest in a stress-free way. So, the first and foremost thing needed for humanity is Completion, Completion, Completion.