Inner Awakening Yatra, Bali
Dec 1 – 21, 2013
Level 4 (21 days)

1. What is Inner Awakening Level 4? How different is it from Inner Awakening Level 1, 2, 3?
The program is going to be aimed at the Power of Words, Power of Thinking, Power of Feeling, Power of Living. The whole program is going to have the theme of “Money, Power, Love”. It will be a startling revelation! For 21 days, you are going to be having 21 different initiations. You will learn the process to express the power of thinking, power of feeling, you will learn the methodology to express the power of living. You will have special initiation for Chit-jada-granthi bhedana – means unclutching. You will have session specially working on completion – completion with your parasite patterns. You will also learn the process for experiencing and expressing the power of words, on the first day itself you will have the vaak siddhi initiation and second day you will be having manana deeksha means the initiation for right thinking
2. What will be the impact of this program on my life after I finish this course?
“In every program, I am trying to reproduce my experience in you. In this program, we are going to a different level, completely different level of reproducing the highest experiences in you…”
“Even one understanding changes the way how you feel about you and what you think of life! Here you will have a continuous rain of diamonds. It is like Inner Awakening level I, a bag full of diamonds are given to you, level II, a car full of diamonds, level III, enough supply is delivered in your house and Level IV will be rain of diamonds. Not only you will enrich yourself, you will enrich others. I can say I am grooming you as Gurus. I take you all together to the next level! The unique thing you can expect is the efficient way, the better way that we are able to convey and transmit this experience to you, and your ability to receive and digest, transmit to others in your life.”
– Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda –
3. Which is the hotel that we will be staying in Bali?
In Bali, we will be staying in New Kuta Hotel, a Lexington Legacy Hotel. Inspired by genuine Balinese culture and nestled on a gentle hill within a stone’s throw of one of Bali’s most famous and gorgeous beaches, The New Kuta Hotel pampers guests with stunning views, modern rooms, outstanding restaurants, warm service and all the facilities you look for in an island resort.
4. What are the check in and check out date?
All the registered participants can fly in to Bali on 30th of November 2013. The check in time will be 3 pm onwards. As for check out date, participants can check out on 22 rd of December 2013 before or by 12 noon.
5. How about my visa requirement?
Please refer the visa requirement as per your country. Indonesia offers Visa-on-arrival for many country citizens as a way to promote tourism in Indonesia. Kindly check up with Indonesian embassy in your country for accurate information.
Visa on Arrival (VOA)
This visa is obtained directly upon landing at major airports and seaports in Indonesia.
The requirements for Visa on Arrival are:
• Expiration date of the applicant’s passport must be at least 6 (six) months after the date of entry
• Round-trip airplane ticket
• Payment of a US$ 25 visa fee
• A minimum of two blank pages in your passport
You will also be required to pay airport Departure tax of Rp 150,000 (in local currency), approx USD 18-19 / person
6. Can you tell me about my accommodation in hotel?
For Bali Inner Awakening, room is allotted on a twin-sharing basis. We offer rooms that are shared with another participant in a room but if you are coming as a family of 3 (two parents + 1 kid or 1 parent + 2 kids), all of you can stay in one room.
7. Can I do Nirahara or THE Samyama during Bali Inner Awakening?
Yes, you can only if you are a December Inner Awakening Yatra participant. Nirahara Samyama and The Samyama is not available for non Inner Awakening participants.
8. How can I register for the program?
Call us at +91-80-2727999 to register via phone or visit the registration page to register for the program. This registration form does not include payment. Once you register online, you will receive an email with payment details.
9. What is the weather like in Bali?
The average temperature in Bali remains around 31° C all throughout the year. Decemeber in Bali sees temperatures varying between 26° C – 32 ° C and is quite humid at this time.
10. What do I do when I arrive at the airport?
Arrival to Bali International Airport will be on your own cost but once you have arrived, the transportation from the airport to the hotel, will be a part of your package.
11. Will laundry service be provided?
Yes, laundry service is complimentary upto 4 number of clothes per person, per day, excluding the towel being provided by the hotel
12. Is there any dress code for the program?
It is mandatory that you wear White colored clothes during the regular meditation sessions and black color clothes for Yoga. (Same applies for eNGenius Kids also). You can bring 5-6 pairs of white clothes and at least 2 sets of black clothes for daily yoga sessions. Bring loose comfortable clothes that allow you to easily do yoga postures and meditations. Clothes made of cotton are conducive for warm or hot daytime temperatures. In adherence to the Ashram dress code and with respect to the Vedic culture, men and women participants are not to wear tank tops, tube tops, shorts and hotpants. Please also refrain from wearing scooped necklines, transparent or tight-fitting clothing. Please dress modestly in clothing that covers your shoulders, midriff and legs to the ankles. Despite the climatic demands, your cooperation and understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.
13.What are the Puja/Homas available for the Inner Awakening Level 4?
a) Ganapathi Homa
b) Avahanthi Homa
c) Rudra Homa
d) Dakshinamurthi Homa
e) Vivaha Homa
f) Gayathri Homa
g) Maheshwara Puja
14. Can I have more information on 2 days trip during the Inner Awakening Yatra?
2 days Tour Program
Day 01 : Visit to FD Kintamani Volcano before we stop by for lunch at an Indian Restaurant. This will be followed by a visit to Tirta Empul and Ubud Tour and Indian Dinner at the Hotel.
Day 02 : The day begins with Tanjung Benoa visit for water sports including turtle farm visit, followed by Indian Lunch by the beach . Next stop would be Uluwatu temple tour combined with Kecak Dance performances before Indian Dinner at Hotel