Nithya Kriyas

Harnessing the Kundalini energy for self-healing

Nithya Kriya is a collection of processes revealed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda that work on awakening the inner potential energy in the body (kundalini energy) in addition to the health benefits that accrue from contraction and expansion of the muscles in the body through various movements.
Nithya Kriya is unique in that the individual components are drawn from the most authentic sacred yogic scriptures of the vedic tradition, while the specific assembly of these various components have been designed and invented by Paramahamsa Nithyananda from his personal research and development, with the aim of curing and providing preventive care for various physical and mental ailments.
Nithya Kriyas involve a combination of asanas with breath, sounds and visualization. These components work in unison to create the intended effect on the body:
1. Breath
2. Visualization
3. Muscle movement (includes all the movements like in yoga)
4. Sound from outside being absorbed inside – music
5. Sound from inside – mantra
Whatever is needed for the body to heal from any disease can be derived from combinations of the above 5 components. Nithya Kriyas are the proper combination and assembly of these in a doable form like a capsule. The healing achieved by Nithya kriyas is permanent as it works on the cellular biomemory level. It generates natural steroids and therefore has no side-effects.
Besides the healing, the Nithya Kriyas have a powerful permanent effect on your very brain functioning. They awaken the non-mechanical parts of the brain. Certain parts of the brain are responsible for our day to day bodily functions like digestion, respiration, walking, sitting, etc. But this constitutes only a small percentage of the brain. This is what we refer to here as the mechanical parts of the brain. Most of the brain power is actually untapped which is what is responsible for many extraordinary faculties and powers. This is what we refer to here as the non-mechanical parts of the brain. Awakening all the non-mechanical parts of the brain can be done just by adding the right chemicals, enzymes, hormones to the body. Since your higher consciousness is already reflected on the body, the body naturally experiences the peak conscious coherence.
Harnessing the Kundalini energy for self-healing
A significant distinction of Nithya Kriya is the safe and scientific awakening of the Kundalini energy in the practitioner. As Kundalini is a self-healing mechanism, practitioners of Nithya Kriya find that not only do their health and life problems diminish or disappear, but the very patterns that cause the disease are rooted out by the overflowing of Superconscious energy in their body-mind system.