Life Solutions

Acquire the ‘Tools of Knowledge’ to respond spontaneously, and effortlessly to any situation in life

In Inner Awakening, you will enjoy special satsangs with lively Q&A sessions. During these sessions, Swamiji delivers the gems of ancient Vedic truths in clear practical ways. His answers gives you the ‘clicks’ you need to create successful solutions for your day-to-day challenges. From establishing positive patterns for living a life of total health, to developing techniques to realign your life to your purpose, the Shaastra Shastras (weapons of knowledge and truth) received at Inner Awakening will provide you with essential tools for a conflict free, fulfilling life.
Here is just a sample of some of the life dimensions covered in Inner Awakening:


The condition of our health is directly related to the ideals we carry about our body and well-being. Swamiji presents a revolutionary understanding of the body as the vehicle for fulfilling our dreams, and the “ornament” of the self. Based on this concept, exceptional health can be measured by the individual’s capacity to accomplish their desires without damaging, or disturbing the body. These two functions are inter-related, and meant to compliment the expression of one another for total health to be experienced. In eN-Health this balance is established through a series of techniques that permanently imprint the perfect mental set up for living a transformed life of optimum health and wellness.


Extraordinary enthusiasm is the key to creating wealth. Enthusiasm is an inner quality, that is awakened through the kundalini shakthi(hidden potential energy in every human being). When it is awakened, the ability to attract wealth in all areas of our life is a byproduct. In this extraordinary course, Swamiji delves into the secrets and strategies for creating, sustaining and celebrating wealth. Participants of IA are taught the ways in which their conscious state relates to the ability to accumulate wealth. Swamiji has designed eN-Wealth for those who wish to acquire the inner skills to create and celebrate wealth, along with the intelligence to recreate it when it is destroyed.


Many times, our relationships suffer because there is a gap between how we perceive people in our lives, and the reality of who they truly are. When reality doesn’t coincide with what we perceive, our mispercerption leads to conflict. This is what Swamiji refers to as a rift between “My World” and “The World.” Learning how to close this gap is the focus of this program. In eN-Relationships, Swamiji addresses the most complex issues surrounding how we relate to one another and how the ideas we carry about ourselves and others creates a filter that keeps us from seeing life as it is. In actuality, our actions are driven by the perceptions we hold in life. When these views shift, naturally our reactions and responses to the world and those around us also shift, creating a virtuous circle of successful relationships. eN-Relationships will change the way we view ourselves and those around us.

I am now more clear on who I am and what makes me act and re-act. I tell you though I came back brand new, as if I was re-born again and got a fresh start a second chance to do it right.