Life in the energy field

Mystery space where the extraordinary happenings are part of day to day life

What is an Ashram?

Nithyananda describes his Ashrams as incubators for spiritual enlightenment, a launching pad for higher consciousness. For thousands of years, Ashrams have been a place of learning about spirituality and enlightenment for life in India. Masters and disciples lived together in Ashrams and experienced higher truths as a way of life. It was a space filled with transforming energy where inner world research happened continuously. What we read as Ancient Indian scriptures (Vedas) today are the outcome of the research that happened thousands of years back in such Ashrams.
The word Ashram means Resting. The ashram is a loving and caring place to grow spiritually. In the outer world, people will disturb, obstruct and stop us from being our natural blissful state by bringing in their intellect and limited perceptions. In the ashram, people encourage us in reaching out to the great truths.

Ashrams-“launching pads for spiritual expansion”.

For a rose to flower, it needs the right conditions (i.e., temperature, water, and soil). Likewise, for the seed of transformation to flourish in us, we need the proper ambiance. The Dhyanapeetam ashram has been specifically designed to ensure that every aspect of your journey here is supported. In his own words, Swamiji created his ashrams for the sole purpose of providing a loving and caring atmosphere for internal exploration and growth. The depth of the processes is such that it is necessary for each individual to be free from disturbances and distractions that occur in everyday life and relationships.

Vedic tradition-“One of the most ancient and richest spiritual traditions on the planet”

True to the Vedic tradition, the temple is the heart of the ashram. Temples are the gifts to humanity from the Vedic Masters. When consecrated by an enlightened being, they become epicenters of positive energy. During Inner Awakening, you will have the opportunity to explore the temple and meditate under the sacred 1000-year-old banyan tree.
The program also offers exposure to many of the traditional Vedic rituals such as morning Pratyaksha Pada Puja (Vedic ritual to offer one’s gratitude towards the Guru that exists both within and outside of us), and evening Aarthi (the sacred ceremonial offering of lights to the divine).

I did not know about the Vedic tradition beforehand. It is so ancient, pure, efficient, and near to the original truth. Swamiji reveals this tradition in its entirety. It’s great that he’s sharing this technology by bringing it to the present as it was thousands of years ago.
I was a little familiar with the Vedic culture – any knowledge I had came from the other programs taken with Swamiji. The Vedic culture is the source of many things we believe as “good” in the USA…ways of healthy eating, care of the physical body. Also, it turns out many of the basic truths we take for granted have their source in the Vedic tradition. The Hindu tradition was also new to me – and my appreciation has grown for the Hindu tradition.
The Ashram and its residents, the deities, the Banyan tree are such a joy to be with. None of the IA participants ever wanted to leave the place and head home. None of us wore watches or carried cell phones. Our bodies automatically awoke early morning and looked forward to the day with joy. The ashram is a mystical place, miracles happen there every minute. It is the most happening place on the planet. Even if what I say doesn’t make sense now, it will when you stay there For IA.