Energy Initiations

Welcome to the most special, sacred and rare part of the Inner Awakening experience. If we say that divine vision or darshan happens by the grace of the Divine, initiation or deeksha happens by the direct grace of the Master.
Initiation is the process wherein the Master prepares the student to receive, hold and radiate the truths he has received during the sessions. Very often, people have intense spiritual experiences in the presence of the enlightened Master, but when they leave his presence, the experiences fade away.
This happens because their body and mind are unprepared to hold the tremendous energy of transformation. For a student with openness and trust (vitarka), the Master’s presence can directly work on the obstacles created by the body-mind and hasten the process of transformation.
“When a person is receptive and open, any experience transmitted from one bio-memory to another bio-memory without any effort from the disciple’s side is Initiation”

The Energy Intiations – Awaken Divine Consciousness Directly

During Inner Awakening you will receive and experience many powerful initiation sessions from Nithyananda, each of which can bring about transformation in a different dimension of life:
This transmission of Enlightened bio-energy directly by the touch of the Master. It activates the non-mechanical parts of the brain that are responsible for higher qualities like:

  • Happiness and love for no reason
  • Great health, longevity and constant well-being
  • Deep joy and fulfillment in the inner world
  • Intelligence and energy of intuition for outer life
  • Awakening of true desires and energy to fulfill them