Experience the continuous uniting of the body, mind, and spirit.
eN-Fitness is a fun and intense physical practice that represents an integral part of the Inner Awakening Retreat. It is adapted for all ages and physical conditions, and is directly based on the research of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. eN-Fitness combines weight training, traditional hatha yoga practice, and the deep understanding of the body-mind connection.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda found eN-Fitness to be the most effective way to prepare your body to experience and radiate the energy of enlightenment, which is infused into your whole body-mind and being, 24/7 during the course of Inner Awakening.
While creating a strong healthy body and enjoying so many physical benefits, eN-Fitness will teach you to align your body, mind and actions, to create a clear intention and manifest that intention as reality.
Flow into the day with eN-Fitness!

I enjoyed the sessions immensely. I had never done yoga consistently before but I did find myself getting into it with ease and enjoying it. There were occasions when my kundalini awoke just getting into yoga even before the processes would start!
Because of Nithya Yoga I lost the last 5-6kgs of post pregnancy weight and that made a huge difference in my energy levels and self-confidence.
I have been doing yoga for some time, but the core difference between Nithya Yoga and other forms of yoga is that this time I felt life in my movements. It became like a dance to the tune of the being.