FAQ – Level 1

LEVEL 1 (4 days)

1. What is the program about?
Inner Awakening is a program that rapidly evolves our understanding of life, through a powerful cognitive shift that aligns us with the four universal principles or tattvas. The transformation is deepened through a series of direct initiations by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
Level 1 of the program identifies and wipes out the negative thought patterns that make us powerless before our pain and suffering, and helps us reach a space of completion with ourselves and life.
2. What will I learn at this program?
Through multiple levels of guided processes, you will
a) Revisit your past and understand the situations that defined your current personality
b) Identify and dissolve your negative thought patterns through the process of Completion
c) Identify and resolve the conflicting thought patterns that are blocking your success today
d) learn techniques to complete with all the pain and suffering that exists in your life
e) Learn the art of conscious Listening
f) Receive initiation into the four universal principles (tattvas) of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching that can trigger a powerful cognitive shift and instant personal transformation.
3. What are the benefits of this program?
Only after this program, you will understand what it means to live a life free of pain and suffering! You gain a deeper understanding of your own personality, and can enjoy an integrated relationship with life which allows you to spontaneously connect with life every moment with power and natural self-expression.
Will I get to meet Swamiji individually during the program and talk to him? Can i get my questions answered or can I get personal healing from swamiji during the program?
If you are doing the program in Bidadi Ashram
During Inner Awakening level 1 program, you will receive and experience 2 powerful initiations from Swamiji, each of which can bring about transformation in a different dimension of life. This transmission of Enlightened bio-energy directly by the touch of Swamiji activates the non-mechanical parts of the brain that are responsible for higher qualities and awakens the Kundalini energy, the dormant potential energy in you. During the Initiation, you have an opportunity to ask Swamiji for blessings, healing, or boons and get your spiritual questions answered.
If you are doing the program via video conferencing
All the online participants, have an unique opportunity of getting their question (1 per participant) answered during the Akashik Readings session. Akashic Records are the Cosmic archives of everything happened, happening and will happen. Each participant can ask one question during the Akashik reading session and the answer for your question will be read from Cosmic Archives. Just watching the Akashik reading session leaves a participant spellbound and leaves you wondering about the vast nature of our Consciousness.
4. What are the dates and timings of the program?
3. November 1 – November 4, 2013
5.00 am – 10.00 pm IST (on day 1, a one program starts at 7.00am IST)
5. If the programs available online also?
Yes, Inner Awakening Level 1 and Level 2 programs are available online as well. If you are interested in participating the program online, email [email protected] or call 91-80-27279999 to find out the nearest center.
6. What will be my daily routine?
5am – 6am : Nithya Yoga/ eNFitness conducted by Yogacharyas (Nithya Yoga ordained teachers)
6am – 7am : Break
7am – 9.30am : Pada puja and Satsang
9.30am – 10.00am : Breakfast break
10.00 am – 10.00pm** : Program sessions continue with 2 tea breaks , lunch and dinner breaks.
*above timings are tentative and are subject to change.
**end timing of the program depends on the sessions for the day.
7. How can I register for the program?
a) How do I register and pay for the program
Call us at +91-80-2727999 to register via phone or visit the registration page to register for the program. This registration form does not include payment. Once you register online, you will receive an email with payment details. Payment can be done through bank transfer (preferred), demand draft/ cashier’s check and credit card. We don’t accept personal cheques.
Payment Method 1 : For Bank Transfer (NEFT or RTGs)
Account No : 7511177788
Branch : Bidadi
Payment Method 2 : For Credit card, the payment can be done through the phone
For more information, please contact IA Support Team:
Please contact: +91-80-27279999
Email: [email protected]
Payment Method 3 : For Demand Draft, kindly take Demand Draft in the name of NITHYANANDESHWAR DEVASTHANAM TRUST payable at Bidadi, Bangalore.
Mail the Demand draft to the below address with a covering letter having the the following details: Your name, phone no,full address, which program you are attending and which level
Mailing address:
Attn: Accts Department
Donation for Inner Awakening Program
Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam
Nithyananda Nagar
Off Mysore Road
Karnataka 562109
8. Can you tell me about my accommodation in ashram
Shared dormitory style accommodation is available. We have big halls that can accommodate 50-60 people with bunk beds with common toilets at the end of the floor. In the dormitory there are bunk beds, with upper and lower levels for sleeping. Each person has their own locker for their clothing and toiletries. The bathroom area is equipped with many shower stalls, western style toilets, sinks and mirrors. Laundry service is not provided. There are drying racks for hanging washed clothing. Please note that shared room accommodation is not available for Inner Awakening Level 1(4 days) program.
How many days early can i arrive at the ashram and how many days can i stay after the program?
for 4-day Inner Awakening level 1 program, you can stay for 5 nights at the ashram at no extra cost
Charges for Accommodation:
If you wish to stay longer at the ashram, in addition to the above mentioned complimentary stay period, you can do so based on availability.
1. dormitory accommodation – Rs. 500/- per night per person
2. Room Accommodation – Rs. 1000/- per person per bed per night
Kindly check on the availability by calling +91 80 2727 9999.
9. Is there any dress code for the program
Bring loose comfortable clothes that allow you to easily do yoga postures and meditations. Clothes made of cotton are conducive for warm or hot daytime temperatures. In adherence to the Ashram dress code and with respect to the Vedic culture, men and women participants are not to wear tank tops, tube tops, shorts and hotpants. Please also refrain from wearing scooped necklines, transparent or tight-fitting clothing. Please dress modestly in clothing that covers your shoulders, midriff and legs to the ankles. Despite the climatic demands, your cooperation and understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.
10. Will be laundry service provided? What is the cost?
Kindly note that laundry service is not available for Inner Awakening Level 1 program.
11. Will I be able to purchase books, CDs, malas or deities when i come to the ashram?
Yes, All the above items is made available in our Galleria showroom . The showroom will be open for you to make purchases during the break times. Check out nithyanandagalleria.com for items available for purchase.
12. Medical Attention
If you are currently taking any medication as per your physician’s advice, please continue to take the same. After the program, if you experienced healing from the disease or disorder and want to discontinue the medication, please consult your physician (doctor) and act as per his advice.
It is advisable to carry medication for any situation that you anticipate due to change in place, weather and food.
13. How to arrive at the Bidadi Ashram?
Ashram address:
Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam
Nithyananda Nagar
Off Mysore Road, Bidadi 562109
by Air:
Nearest airport: Bangalore International Airport – In Bangalore – domestic and International airports are the same. Take a taxi from airport to ashram, Approx cost Rs. 1600/-
by Train:
Nearest Train stations
1st preference: BIDADI (BID)
from Bidadi Station, take an auto to Ashram. It will cost you around Rs. 60-100/-
right opposite the Bangalore station, is the Majestic Bus stop. From the Bus stop, you can take a bus directly to Bidadi or you can take bus from Majestic Bus stop – Kengeri. From Kengeri, take any bus going to Mysore and get dropped in Bidadi. From Bidadi bus stop, take an auto to ashram. Cost of auto – Rs. 60/-
3rd preference: YESHWANTNAGAR (YTG)
4th preference: MYSORE JN (MYS)
From Mysore station, take any bus to Bangalore and on the way, get dropped in Bidadi and take an auto to ashram. Cost of auto – Rs. 60/-
by Bus:
Take Bus to Bangalore Majestic stop or Bangalore Satellite Bus stop
14. What do I need to bring? Passport/visa
for non-Indian Nationals:
Please check the expiration date of your passport. Make necessary arrangements for renewal so that your passport does not expire while you are attending the Inner Awakening Program. Make five photocopies each of your passport photo page and Indian Visa page.
for Indian Nationals:
Please bring 2 Photo Id for your identification (like PAN card, Voters id, Passport, driving license etc). Make 1 photocopy of each and submit it at the registration counter.