FAQ for April IA/SS 2017



• Can I extend my stay in the hotel?

Yes, you can call the Hotel and book your stay before or after the program.

• When should I plan my return travel?

Plan your return trip back on the 13th of May, 2017. Check out that day is at noon.

•What dates should I arrive and when should I leave?

Participant for April IA 2017 is April 19th —check in at noon to May 13th—check out at noon

Participants for Sadashivoham 2017 is April 29th - check in at noon to May 13th - check out at noon

If you need booking for additional nights, please the resort and book the same for an additional charge.

• Travel Insurance

Whenever traveling, especially internationally, it is strongly advised you procure personal medical and travel insurance.

• Airfare

As a general best practice, it is recommended that you purchase airline tickets that are fully refundable or, at least, do not have high penalty charges for changes or cancellations. Penalty charges vary by airline.

• Help with Visa

Please refer to the appropriate embassy or consulate for guidance and advisories.

• Medical Advice

The Sadsashivoham program requires that you be of sound mental and physical health to be able to participate in the program for the full duration of the program. If you have any medical, dental or mental conditions, please consult with your doctor PRIOR to coming to the program and get his/her approval to attend the program, to ensure your ability to successfully participate in the program. Ensure you have all your medication, if taking, and ensure you have extra in case you are detained at the airport.

• Is there a dress code?

Sessions: traditional Indian attire in white with gold border (saree for women or dhoti for men) is recommended. Be sure to bring at least 5 to 6 different sets of clothes. (Note: Bring safety pins for saree)

Regular Yoga sessions: bring loose comfortable clothes that allow you to easily do yoga postures and they must be all black.

Mallakhamb and Rope Yoga: females are required to bring tights and a t-shirt (tight fitting/spandex) and males to have shorter shorts and fitting t-shirt so legs can wrap on pole. This again must be all black attire.

In adherence to the Ashram dress code and with respect to the Vedic culture, male and female participants are not to wear tank tops, tube tops, shorts and hot pants. Please also refrain from wearing scooped necklines, transparent or tightfitting clothing. Please dress modestly in clothing that covers your shoulders, midriff and legs to the ankles. Despite the climatic demands, your cooperation and understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.

• Will there be a currency exchange facility available at the Aadheenam?

Yes, our accounts team is setting up this facility to be available if a number of people will require it

• Is there an ATM facility in the Aadheenam?

Yes, an ATM facility is currently in the Welcome Centre. Ask us when you are here and we will be happy to direct you.

• Is there anything that I need to carry with me from home, such as a towel?

Accommodation for all participants is being made at a 5 star hotel and resort that will provide you with towels and basic toiletries. You are welcome to bring extra toiletries with you and whatever else you feel you may need for 21 days.

• Can I bring a gift for Swamiji? If so, what can I bring?

Yes, Swamiji shared that one of the people you should never meet empty handed is your Guru! Especially if you consider him your Guru. Please be mindful when bringing gifts there are a few items that will NOT be accepted, specifically books, alcohol or any material that is does not respect Monastic lifestyle and tradition.

• I want to ask Swamiji some questions? Will I get an opportunity?

There will be many opportunities to speak to Swamiji, these include group question and answer sessions and also personal energy darshans.

• What if I see Swamiji walking through the room or campus outside of sessions, can I approach him to ask him something?

Please, under no circumstances, should you approach Swamiji if you see him outside of sessions. Even though it may look like a casual setting, unlike us, we don’t know in which space Swamiji is in at any given moment. There are strict security measures in place to protect Swamiji, so in order to save any hurt feelings please avoid approaching Him outside of the session.

• Do I need to bring any extra money for the program?

It is advisable that you bring some spending money for ground transportation, to purchase products from the aadheenam, and/or participate in additional ceremonies that cost between $500 USD to $1000 USD.

• Will I get a chance to go and explore the city of Bangalore and do some shopping during the program?

We anticipate April IA/SS 2017 will be packed with many sessions and initiations with Swamiji so we recommend that if you would like to do some sight-seeing or shopping, you extend your stay for a few days beyond the program.

• I want to take photos while I am here, can I bring a camera or use my cell phone?

We have a strict policy of no photography or videography during sessions where Swamiji is present. If you are seen or caught taking a video or photo when Swamiji is present, the device will be immediately confiscated and you risk being expelled out of the program after being interviewed.

• I have a dependent child with me that won’t be attending the program, will there be a carer to take care of them while I am attending the program?

You will need to ensure you have a carer for your child as this is not something we are able to provide for. you. You will also need to pay for the accommodation and food required for the stay of your child and any additional people coming to assist for the length of the program.

• Will there be Internet facilities during the program?

There will be free wi-fi connection in the main hall that will be available to all participants during their stay for the length of the program.

• Will there be a laundry facility? Will I have to wash my own clothes?

As part of the stay in the hotel you will have a complimentary laundry service available to you daily.

• What do I do if I can’t spot the person at the airport that is meant to take me to the hotel?

Don’t panic! Please give us a call at the Aadheenam on 91-80-28022101

• What name and phone numbers do I give for VISA application

Please use the following: reference name in India:

Name: Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami Address: Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam, Nithyanandapuri, Kallugopahalli, Bidadi, Karnataka 562109, India (it may not all fit so ensure Nithyananda and Bengaluru Aadheenam, Bidadi is on visa application) Phone: +918027279999

• I am allergic to certain foods, how can I advise you of this?

Please send us an email informing us at: [email protected]

• Can I get a Taxi service?

Yes, please fill out taxi request form at https://innerawakening.org/apr2017


  • • Confirmed travel itinerary
  • • Passport and visa to visit India (if applicable)
  • • April IA or SS 2017 payment confirmation
  • • April IA or SS 2017 registration innerawakening.org/ registration
  • • Official identification card for verification purposes (Driver’s license, passport, or adhar card (for residents of India only)
  • • Cash, travelers checks, credit card for purchases enroute to Bidadi. We recommend you to use the currency exchange facility in your country of origin.
  • • Carry all of your personal hygiene items including shampoo, creams, soaps, moisturizer, feminine hygiene products, kleenex, etc.
  • • Prescribed medications (if any). Please carry sufficient. amount to last for the entire duration you are away from home, including program and travel days..
  • • Notify your bank/credit card company that you are travelling
  • • Travel insurance (optional)
  • • Cell phone and laptop (optional). Please bring with you appropriate wattage voltage converter for your electronic devices. The standard voltage in India is 220V.
  • • Please carry with you copies of your most recent physician reports, laboratory tests and any other pertinent diagnostic tests, if you are currently under treatment for any medical condition.
  • • Participants may want to begin and bring anti-malaria treatment if recommended by their home country.
  • • Please bring a mosquito net and repellent spray and/or creams.