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March 31 to April 30, 2018
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2) Inner Awakening / Inner Awakening Kids Program Payments:

(For Inner Awakening & Mahasadashivoham)

* Indian residents please send mail to:
[email protected] to find out how to make the payment

If for any reason a registrant is unable to attend the Inner Awakening or Inner
Awakening for Kids programs,  they can request that their
program payment be applied towards a future Inner Awakening or Inner Awakening
for Kids program, directly following the Inner Awakening program or
Inner Awakening for Kids program they did not attend. All such requests
must be emailed, along with original email payment receipt to
[email protected]


All participants are responsible for making their own travel
arrangements to arrive on time at the Inner Awakening site. By
registering for the program they understand and agree that the
Nithyananda University will not be liable for any travel or flight
arrangements that participants have made on their own and will not be
responsible for any loss resulting from cancellation or changes in
international gateways or travel dates. If the Inner Awakening program
is cancelled for any
the participants will be responsible for altering their travel plans
accordingly and for any costs that result from such changes.

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