July 1st to 9th, 2017

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Spiritual Epicenter of the World, Bidadi town in the state of Karnataka in India, Coordinates: 12.867°N 77.40°E

Address Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Off Mysore Road, Bidadi Karnataka – 562109, India.


Monsoon arrives first in South India between the months of June to August as during this time climate remains rainy and cool. Temperatureusually falls to 28°C. Bring a shawl or sweater as the morning and evening can be cool.

Getting Here


Nithyananda Dhyanapeetham Bengaluru Aadheenam, Bidadi is located in the state of Karnataka, about 47 miles (a 1-hour 50 minute drive) southwest of Bengaluru Airport, about 22 miles (a 45 minute drive) southwest of Bengaluru City Junction Railway Station, and about 3 miles (11 minute drive) southwest of Bidadi Railway Station

Taxi Information

The three-wheeler taxis "auto rickshaw" from the Bidadi City/junction charge around Rs. 100 to 200 (USD $2.00) to travel to Aadheenam and taxi rides from Bengularu City Junction cost around Rs. 1600 to 2000

Local taxi drivers do not carry foreign currency.

We recommend participants to use the foreign exchange facility in their home country or take advantage of one of currency exchange counters at the Bengaluru International Airport.

Travel Information

India requires that all foreign nationals visiting and temporarily staying in India carry a valid visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post abroad. Depending on your home country.

E-Tourist Visa (eTV)

e-Tourist VISA (eTV): An e-Tourist visa is solely for international travelers visiting India for a short duration. Participants can apply for e-TV online and receive it online as well. Please read through the instructions carefully before applying for e-TV.

Please pay special attention to the “Instructions for Applicant” section.

Regular Visa

Participants not eligible for “e-TV” are required to apply for the Regular visa using . Participants are requested to provide the following contact information in their reference name section of the Regular visa application:

Reference in India for Visa

Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami

Address: Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam, Nithyanandapuri, Kallugopahalli Bidadi, Karnataka 562109

India Phone: +918027279999

What you need to bring with you

Dress Code

Indian attire is required. We will not be providing any clothing so please ensure you bring:

Men: Adheenam's traditional attire (Deva katcham, Suttu parivattam and yoga vastram) or white dhoti with gold border and white kurta. (Please bring 2 sets of Adheenam's traditional attire for special processes with Swamiji)

Women: White saree with gold border with white or gold blouse, or white salwar (Please bring 2 sets of white saree with gold border for special processes with Swamiji)

Regular Yoga sessions: bring loose comfortable clothes that allow you to easily do yoga postures and they must be all black.

Mallakhamb and Rope Yoga: females are required to bring tights and a t-shirt (tight fitting/spandex) and males to have shorter shorts and fitting t-shirt so legs can wrap on pole. This again must be all black attire. Just a reminder this is only for Mallakhamb and Rope Yoga at all other times will be following Aadheenam attire as set out.

In adherence to the Aadheenam dress code and with respect to the Vedic culture, male and female participants are not to wear tank tops, tube tops, shorts and hot pants. Please also refrain from wearing scooped necklines, transparent or tightfitting clothing. Please dress modestly in clothing that covers your shoulders, midriff and legs to the ankles. Despite the climatic demands, your cooperation and understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.

Items to be brought with you:

1. Notebook(s)

2. Pens

3. Jnanaanjana box (if you have)

4. Your Yoga mat

5. Pancha kriya kit

6 Gurupuja set (if you have)

7. Spiritual Alchemy box with mirror, jnana-anjana, krishta shila and yantra



Flight Tickets

Passport and Visa

ID Card for verification

For Foreign nationals: 2 photo copies of their passport (biography page), visa/ Note: We will require your passport for immigration stamp showing you arrival. We require your signature on all these copies.

For Indian nationals: 2 photo copies of Government issued ID card (e.g. driving license, passport copy, PAN card etc.) and immigration stamp. We require your signature on all these copies.



Your prescribed medication (if any) - bring amount needed for the entire program duration plus extra days for travel time.

Medical Conditions (if any)

If you are currently under treatment for any medical condition.

• Participants may want to begin and bring anti-malaria treatment if recommended by their home country
• Please bring a mosquito net and repellent spray and/or creams

Cash, travelers checks, credit card, etc.

Notify your bank/credit card company that you will be travelling to India if you plan to use your credit card

Travel Insurance (Optional)

Personal Items

Cell phone & laptop - Please be advised to bring all your personal hygiene items including bath towel. At least 2 extra sandals. Your Indian attire = reminder we will not be providing any sarees or dhotis.

Taxi Information - Upon Arrival

There will be no taxi pick up at the airport. You will be required to organize your taxi to where you have booked your accommodation.


Accommodation in Bidadi campus is full with adheenavasi, nithyananda yogam participants and Sarvajnapeetha Yajamaans. Hence all Shaktipada participants are requested to find your own a accommodation nearby the adheenam at your own cost

Some Outside Accomodation

Average Accommodation

Matru Sree(BIDADI) - Ashok-9972243430

Vaishali residency (BIDADI) - Anand 9844921715

S.V Patel delux lodge (Ramanagara) - Satya (cashier) 9844004406

Sree Balaji Deluxe (Ramanagara) - Kishore - 9986467935

Deluxe Accommodation

Hotel Garden Asia, The Garden Asia Hotels & Resorts, Kiran General Manager, T: +91 80 66735500, M: +9886 9887 55, W:

Hotel Kadamba, Phone: 096202 13603

Srinidhi Inn, Phone: 080 2843 7333

Hill View Resorts, Bangalore-Mysore Road, 097409 83701

Registration Process

Registration will be on the 30th of June. Further information will be updated shortly

Shaktipada Adult - e-sign Consent form Shaktipada Kids - e-sign Consent Form

Shaktipada Support Team

For any help, support, questions related to the Shaktipada program, feel free to email or call us.

Email: [email protected]

Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami: +91 776 098 0635
Ma Rishi Advait (Children): +91 776 098 0640

Outside India:
Sri Nithya Visweshwara (Anand Singh):+1 516 526 2800