Top 10 reasons to attend Inner Awakening
  • Spend 21 days in the presence of the master
  • Experience meditation in a strong energy field
  • Free yourself from guilt and emotional pains
  • Awaken your energy centers and experience bliss!
  • Discover your true desires and awaken the energy to fulfill them
  • Improve your capacity to take decisions without dilemma
  • Discover the purpose of your life
  • Be fulfilled in the inner world and successful in the outer world
  • Heal yourself and the world
  • Live and Radiate Enlightenment
  1. Get your Third Eye Awakening
  2. Awaken inner Potential Energy called the Kundalini Energy
  3. Discover your True Self
  4. Have a Quantum Leap in realizing your Highest potential
  5. Be Successful in ALL dimensions of life
  6. Experience deep Joy & Fulfillment in the Inner World
  7. Have Intelligence and Clarity of Intuition in the Outer World
  8. Live a Conflict free life.
  9. Live a life full of Possibility
  10. Live and Radiate Enlightenment